Why we don’t need KPI’s at Reach4

Why we don’t need KPI’s at Reach4
June 3, 2019 Melissa Heath
In About Reach4

In theory KPI’s can be a really good thing. They give managers like me the ability to compare employee’s performance, and drive them to work towards small achievable goals that add up to achieve big business goals. Sounds great right? But have you ever seen KPI’s turn employee against employee and even employer? I have, and I’m not alone.

I find the type of KPI’s can play a huge role in whether they improve the performance of employees, or simply reduce team morale. It doesn’t always have to be a big numbers game! I once worked at a job where we had to make 100 calls a day, a task that was only possible if you spent no time following through with the leads and opportunities you came across in the process. The result was that some employees would call their Mum 50 times in the morning to give themselves half a chance of making any useful calls in the remainder of their day. That business changed their KPI system to measure new customers obtained, which set more attainable targets, but pinned employees against each other. No one cared about their customers once they were no longer “new” and ultimately it was negative for the business.

So we run things differently at Reach4! We don’t hire just anyone – in fact our staff are amazing! We have those large business goals, but how we get there is up to the team – not just management. I don’t need to see how many calls Kirralee has made to know she works her butt off! One day in the office with Hannah and you know she doesn’t get off the phone. I don’t know marketing like Hope does – so why would I micromanage her daily targets?

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and I depend on my team to do what they can to get the job done. We have ups and downs, but we tackle them as a team. In return my team members work hard for me. We aren’t separated by office walls and hierarchies, we jump in and help each other whenever we need to and we don’t need KPI’s to motivate us!

The result? Laughs, hi-fives and an incredibly close-knit group of people who work hard for each other. There is no “I” in team and there certainly isn’t one in Reach4.