Going Solo? Two quick tips for freelance consulting

Going Solo? Two quick tips for freelance consulting
December 17, 2018 Reach4
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 Going Solo? Two quick tips for freelance consulting

Most people who have taken the plunge into freelance consulting will tell you that their main fear at the outset was whether or not they would win enough work to have a viable business.

So, how do you ensure that you make enough money as a consultant? Market yourself cleverly and stand firm when necessary.

1.      Market broadly

While you may have existing contacts as sources of work, it’s a good idea to invest in marketing via multiple channels. Why? The more people come across your services, the more work you’re likely to be offered. And the more work you’re offered, the more selective you can be about which projects you take on. If you’re in demand, you’re also in the happy position of being able to raise your rates.

2.      Don’t be afraid to say no.

Turning down less lucrative work is easy once you’re busy. But even before that, ensure that you stick to your guns when it comes to your rates and what you think your expertise is worth. Clients will push for discounts and, if you’re not careful, you can wind up spending a lot of time on low-paying work that will ultimately prevent you from scaling your business.