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Reach4 Privacy Policy

Reach4 views privacy as an integral part of our company and culture. It is inevitable that personal information of both a general and sensitive nature may be collected by Reach4 during the recruitment process. We are required to comply with the Federal Information Privacy Act 2009 and its National Privacy Principles, and as such treat any communications and personal information with the utmost confidentiality and importance in accordance with the following principles.


Personal information’ is defined in the Privacy Act as: information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information or opinion is true or not and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.

‘Sensitive information’ includes information about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, professional or political or religious affiliations or memberships, sexual orientation or practices, criminal record, health, genetics and/or biometrics. In most cases, the Privacy Act prohibits the collection of sensitive information unless the individual to whom it relates consents to the collection and the information is reasonably necessary for business to be the collecting that sensitive information. In usual cases, an agency will be collecting personal information and sensitive information from candidates and temporary workers; for example, via health questionnaires and police checks. 

How/why we collect and store your information

In order to recruit our candidates Reach4 may contact you (or you may contact Reach4) via telephone, email, face-to-face and social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Information we collect may be of a personal nature (including sensitive information) and this information may be stored on our database, to which all our recruiting employees have access. We request this information in order to tailor our service to your needs, we store it so that you can be considered for positions in the future. This information will remain confidential from all external parties unless express written or verbal consent is given via one of the afore mentioned communication channels.

All personal information collected by us, which forms part of your employment records, will be used for employment purposes only. This information is collected with your consent as part of the recruitment and on-boarding process and updated as required.

What your personal file typically contains: 

  • Resume or application for employment.
  • Evidence of formal qualifications.
  • Testing reports from the recruitment process.
  • Original letter of offer signed by you.
  • Personal details supplied by you – name, address, home phone, date of birth, education, qualifications, professional memberships, languages spoken, citizenship status, visa status (if applicable), emergency contact information.
  • Copy of Tax File Number Declaration, banking and superannuation details provided by you.
  • Career plans, performance review documentation and any correspondence relating to your career development, performance or disciplinary matters. 
  • All correspondence relating to your remuneration, transfers, promotion, performance and any other HR matters
  • Medical/health documents and testing results

Reach4 may require you to undertake health and medical testing at the request of our client to determine your suitability for employment with the client or Reach4. Our preferred medical testing company is Sonic Health Plus who may obtain and store personal and sensitive information in accordance with their privacy policies found at https://www.sonichealthplus.com.au/clients/privacy-policy. Where this company is not used it is your responsibility to seek out their privacy policies in order to ensure the confidentiality of your personal and sensitive information. By undertaking these tests/checks you consent to the release the results of your health/medical checks to Reach4 on your behalf. This information is stored on our database in a similar manner to all other personal and sensitive information.

Additionally, Reach4 will never obtain your personal information from external sources without your consent (usually for reference checks). Reach4 respects your right to complete privacy and if you would not like your information stored on our database please advise us. If you require access to your personal information stored on our database, we will release it to you at your request.

Our database is run through a third-party program called Bullhorn. While all efforts are made by Reach4 to keep your personal and sensitive information confidential, we cannot control the security of this third-party program. To view the privacy and security policies of Bullhorn go to https://www.bullhorn.com/au/privacy/ .

Some personal information (not likely sensitive information, usually introductory information like name, job title, introductory conversations etc) may remain on the initial communication platform Reach4 uses to contact you (or you use to contact Reach4). This information is subject to the security and privacy policies of the relevant platform. Our internal information technology systems, including emails are password protected and only accessible by internal staff and our preferred information technology services provider CHAPtech. To speak to a CHAPtech employee in regards to the safety of your personal and sensitive information on our internal information technology systems go to their website www.chaptech.com.au.

Reach4 will where practical always use only the software and third parties recorded in this document. From time to time other parties and/or software may be used to contact you, or to improve your employment prospects with your consent.

 Internal Privacy Training and Implementation

All Reach4 internal staff are trained to understand the importance we place on privacy at Reach4. Information collection, handling and storing is included in all new internal employee’s induction training in accordance with the information contained in this document.

Your Personal Information and our clients

As previously stated, Reach4 will never disclose any information to external parties without express written or verbal consent from you. From time to time Reach4 will gain your consent and pass on information to clients with the goal of finding you suitable employment. As with the nature of recruitment, we promote you to clients from time to time, and as such do not have explicit confidentiality agreements set prior to passing your information on to these clients. We do advise the client either verbally or via email that we are passing on your information with the assumption that it will not be passed on to people outside of the hiring and hiring related employees of the client company. We cannot however guarantee your information will remain confidential once it is passed on to the client.

Your Personal Information and other external parties

In the case that you gain employment with Reach4, the following third parties may require your personal information with your consent (except where required by law as specified below).

  • Our payroll system maintains personal employment and remuneration information and leave records.
  • Superannuation details to our fund administrator.
  • Workers compensation details to our workers compensation insurers.
  • Tax File Number Declaration to the Australian Tax Office.
  • Health and medical information by third party medical testing companies such as Sonic Health Plus.
  • Where Reach4 must legally provide your personal information so that Reach4 complies with court orders, subpoenas or other legislation that requires us to provide your personnel information.
  • We will only disclose employment information to third parties outside Reach4 with your agreement unless obliged by requirement or authority of law, such as workers compensation, or to lessen a threat to the life or health of a person.

Complaints process

To register a complaint about a breach of your privacy, or you have any other query relating to our Privacy Statement, please contact your Human Resource Representative.