6 Tips to lift your LinkedIn game

6 Tips to lift your LinkedIn game
April 11, 2018 Reach4
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6 Tips to lift your LinkedIn profile

Recruiters scour LinkedIn for excellent candidates, and it’s become an essential platform for professionals to promote themselves. If you’re not using LinkedIn well, you’re doing yourself a big disservice, so if you know your profile needs work then get stuck in now!

Do these things and you’re off to a great start:

●       Put your best foot forward with a clear, compelling headline.

●       Use a professional headshot.

●       Write a brief summary that tells your story and highlights your most relevant experience.

●       Give examples and quantify your achievements with specific facts and figures where possible. Show how you made a difference in the organisations you’ve worked for.

●       Get endorsements. An easy way to do this is to endorse others; they’ll often return the favour.

●       Get recommendations. Be specific when asking a connection to write you a recommendation; give them an idea of what you’d like covered so that it’s relevant to your job search.