3 Rules for leveraging your contacts

3 Rules for leveraging your contacts
April 17, 2018 Reach4
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3 Rules for leveraging your contacts

Networking is not a one-off activity. Some things you do will yield results immediately (a well-timed email, for instance) and others may only benefit you much further down the track.
Here are some golden rules for cultivating your professional relationships so that you’re well placed when great opportunities arise.

Stay in touch

Be strategic about maintaining contact with old colleagues, past bosses, interviewees (even if you didn’t get the job), and well-connected contacts.
●       Drop them a line every now and then to say hi.
●       Send them an article that may interest them.
●       Introduce them to someone you know who works in the industry.

Stay active
Social media is an invaluable resource when it comes to leveraging contacts. Whether you favour LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for networking, the key is to stay active and visible.
●       Follow organisations you’re interested in.
●       Like, share and comment on industry-related articles.
●       Ask for LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements from people you’ve worked with.
●       Recommend and endorse others on LinkedIn; they’re more likely to return the favour.

Stay positive
Avoid airing grievances about jobs and be cautious about negative comments generally. People want to hire positive people. Let this guide the way you interact with your contacts both online and offline.